Friday, March 25, 2011

We wouldn't want too many things working at once!

What is this!? I'm sitting at my computer with no interruptions? I guess the cat is trying to get my attention but that is nothing new.
Despite the 90's green paint slopped all over I do love my door handle. 

Promptly, after we FINALLY replaced the broken dishwasher the lock on the door decided to break. The key would fit halfway in and go no further. I pulled off the cylinder and greased it hoping something was just sticky but there was a tiny wire hanging out inside which looked important.

Fortunately the antique hardware store down the street had a replacement which fit for $28 including the keys which wasn't a bad price? I couldn't even find a replacement online so I wouldn't have known where to go from there if they didn't have anything. This old broken cylinder screwed out and the "new" one (which pretty much looks the same) popped in so it was a fairly easy fix.

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