Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Disgusting Air Conditioning Situation

About a week ago, the air conditioning (the heat pump/furnace end of it) started making the worst thump, thump, thump sound so we decided it was best to turn it off. It could not have happened today when it's 80 something with little humidity. Nope, it happened on a Thursday night and the next several days were supposed to be over 100 with 80% humidity. I called my dad on the situation and he said it sounded like a screw fell out of the squirrel cage and informed me I could just turn off the furnace, take off the panel and poke around. You mean the panel with the picture of the guy's head being blown away by flames!!?? I was not confident enough in my abilities so I called bright and early Friday morning in hopes the furnace people would have an opening. The receptionist got my info and informed me someone would call me back to schedule an appointment. I hate calling people on the phone so I procrastinated for 3 hours and finally called them back. "Ohh, well, we have an opening on Tuesday afternoon." Yeah, I wish they would have told me that at 8am in the morning so I could have tried someone else! I called around and finally looked to see if anyone was open on the weekend and found John Henry's (who snaked our main drain since that also happened on a Saturday morning I believe.) They had a Sunday opening which was better than Tuesday! Then they called around 3:30 and wondered if they could come take a look. Umm, yeah you can!

Here comes the disgusting part. The repairman pulled off the panel and found a mouse stuck in the squirrel cage. Eww! When the mouse was untangled, the ac was up and running again. It was a very easy fix but, yuck! I'm glad I called someone in for the "repair" as I'm not sure how I would have handled that situation. I am also eternally grateful for John Henry's because I didn't have to listen to my husband whine for 3 days. I informed him this house most likely didn't have air conditioning until 1982 to which he responded "no one could have survived in here without air conditioning!" I comfortably leave the windows open until it hits 90 outside (when the humidity is decent) and he starts complaining when the temperature starts getting above 75 so that sounds about right.

Here is the 2-year-old's take on the situation:

Starting from the upper right and moving clockwise we have: a drawing of our broken ac, me and Lucca, Thomas (the train), Uncle Frankie on his computer and then Uncle Frankie's working air conditioner.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Free Friday Floating Toy Shelves

 This is what the living room typically looks like. (though we were trying to weed out the 1980's Little People this day) The little things can be tossed into the boxes and bins but what about those awkward buildings etc.? They stayed on the floor. 

I've had it in the back of my mind to add shelves to this area of Lucca's room but I didn't know how and it wasn't a priority:
(note MORE big awkward toys)

Our salvage store has a free day on the first Friday of the month for random things they haven't been able to sell. Needless to say I am a frequent attendee. When my mom is in town with the van? Lets just say it is not wise to let us go by ourselves. 

 Last month they had a huge stack of these doors. My mom said "oh, these doors make nice shelves. Too bad your dad made me get rid of mine." Wait, shelves? I could use shelves. So I selected a set which wasn't too scratched up while she went on about how if she still had hers she could have given them to me blah, blah blah. Reminder these were free so I'm not sure why she felt bad about getting rid of her set of door shelves! 

I took off the hardware and they were an inch too long so I cut them down. I was originally planning on carefully filling the holes and painting the shelves but decided to let go of my OCD ways and just hang them up. I also originally was going to use the adjustable metal brackets but there is a little bit of trim on the corner of the closet door so they were then a 1/4 of an inch too wide. 

There is that closet door trim which ruined my plan! 

I had an hour before I had to get to work so what was I going to do to get this done!? For some odd reason I had these short pieces which brackets fit into and viola! they fit behind the trim and seem to give the boards enough support. 

The finish color even somehow freakishly matches my woodwork color so it's a good thing I didn't paint them. I thought I wanted them to be adjustable but I like the clean floating look better so it all worked out perfectly. Her toys are lightweight so they don't need much support in the middle and if she decides to swing from it, or something weird, the shelf probably will fall but she will be showered with toys and a 3 pound shelf instead of something solid wood or particle board. We shall see! It keeps a few awkward things off the floor/at least I have an easy place to stuff them when I need to vacuum.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Scariest Troll Dolls EVER

Maybe I have scarier ones? My husband can be the judge of that statement. I almost didn't buy them because I thought they were scary. Then I came to my senses and realized I would be crazy to pass up the chance to add these guys to my collection!

The photo doesn't really do them justice. It looks like they were a kit of some sort as the fabric is printed but the sewing is someone's homemade project. I am wondering how they made all three of them?? I would have gotten about half way through the first one, realized they were not turning out the way the pattern showed and it would still be up in my closet. I could have a forgotten one up there for all I know!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Meet Lucca and Clifford

This is Lucca and Clifford.

Lucca was received as a bribe at the 18 month doctor visit and ever since has been the figure of choice for, well, Lucca. Lucca does everything big Lucca wishes she could do - attend school, fly a plane, drive a car, hang with the My Little Pony crew and Clifford is usually by her side. Lucca is about 2" tall and flat. If Lucca is not immediately seen in the morning I have to listen to "Lucca!? Where are you Lucca!?" over and over until Lucca is found. Usually she is napping in a castle tower but some mornings it is a bit more of a challenge. One morning, after a good 20 minute search, Lucca was discovered only because I caught the glimpse of a tiny red hand sticking out from under the school house. She has also been known to hide under a bus or be stuck in the trap door slide of the Sesame Street Clubhouse.

It usually isn't as vital if Clifford isn't around in the morning but Lucca has to know where Lucca is before her day can begin. We probably have 75 super cute Little People figures ranging from Disney Princess' to a construction crew but Lucca always has designated this little guy as Lucca. Yep, I could probably get rid of all of those Little People and she wouldn't even notice!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Sandbox Time

I don't remember the last project my husband did, perhaps it was paint 3/4 of the house 5 years ago? Or maybe it was breaking the sink while trying to unclog it last weekend? Anyways, he is the first to admit he is not handy - which is fine with me because he lets me do whatever I want around here. When he said last weekend he was going to build a sandbox I was a little leery and figured I would have to figure out how to fix and finish it but it actually went rather smoothly.

We picked out some cedar wood. We actually found fence pickets which were the exact length we wanted (minus the 1/2" of picket at the top) and they were $4.97 a board.

I cut the top picket shape off  - neither I nor my husband trusted him to cut it straight.

The boards were sanded and then screwed together.

 We have a pretty square!

Come on dad! It needs more sand!
 While looking at other sandbox tutorials, I noticed most people put a board on the bottom. My dad just stuck this black garden cover stuff under my sandbox as a child and it held up a good 10+ years so I just went with that in our sandbox. Plus it is cheaper and way easier than measuring/attaching a bottom.

We'll be adding some corner benches for support but it's being used as-is for the moment.

 One thing I would recommend is leveling around the edges prior to filling with sand. Two of the corners were a little lower than the rest of the box so sand was threatening to escape. I did cram dirt under and level it that way but it would have been easier to do before! I also am not really crazy about the sand. Menard's, Wal Mart and Home Depot all had the same looking sand labeled "play sand" but it is really red and really pebbly. Menard's also had super fine sand for twice the price but I don't think that is really good to crawl around in either. The small child obviously doesn't care as it works just fine for sand castles!


Thursday, June 11, 2015

New Curtains!

Now that it is summer I feel like I have about 50 things going on instead of the usual 25! I did finally order living room curtains so this box should motivate me to keep plugging along.

The days (probably months) are numbered for my floral curtains!

Monday, May 11, 2015

1991 Called...

I don't have a clue when/where I will ever wear this but it was so fantastic and only $1, so what did I have to lose! (besides closet space)

I'm pretty sure I had a similar one when I was 10 though it was most likely cats instead of dogs.

This one fits me perfectly! hehehe