Sunday, May 29, 2011

Quirky Confident Poodles

While doing some thrifting in Denver I happened across these guys:

I was laughing so much they had to come home with me! The boy poodle is my favorite with his confident hello and pink fur.

At first I thought they were homemade but upon further inspection we discovered what I can only assume is the remains of a May's Department store tag on the back.

So now I really want to go back in time and see how these were displayed at the fancy department store and I'm also curious about the buyer. Husband: "So honey, what did you find at May's today?" Wife: "Oh, I found these hilarious poodles AND they were on clearance!" Well, that is what MY conversation would have sounded like.
I am now inspired to do some kitschy felt art. I just need the time, oh, and real windows in my room too would help inspire me!

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