Friday, June 17, 2011

Snowflake Pyrex

I usually never stop at garage sales on the way home from work mainly because I just want to get home and also what is left at 4pm? Today while driving home my gut instinct told me to stop at this one. "Ugh, but it's 4 and this garage sale is right off 56th St so surely nothing of interest is left." Then something said "Turquoise Pyrex!!" Me "umm, I doubt it. I rarely find turquoise Pyrex" but I stopped anyways and low and behold sitting on the table in perfect condition for $2:

Snowflakes! It's the only pattern I claim to collect - besides the Butterprint. Yes, both patterns are turquoise-y in color.

 I even cleaned it and found a home for it already!

I also found:
A crazy 1970's architecture textbook
Again, I'm a sucker for anything with this color. PLUS it has harvest gold so it should look lovely in my kitchen if I can find a spot for it...


  1. Love. I just found a slew of butterprint and turquoise snowflake Pyrex at Goodwill, and found your blog. Love everything in the photos! Good job following your intuition.

  2. Lucky! well, I am limited on shelf space at the moment so it's probably a good thing I am trying to avoid sales until I am more "organized"?