Sunday, June 10, 2012

70's Drugs and Organization

this seemed to be the theme of my finds for the weekend. Not that I purchased/used actual drugs and it wasn't even until my family's comments I realized this theme.
First off, I have been casually looking for a "new" canister set. I've almost requested a Fiesta set several times ALMOST forgetting the #1 requirement on my mental list was lack of fragility (I would be eating unsweetened Rice Krispies out of fear of dropping the lid in my early morning stupor)  #2 on my list was it had to be bright and obnoxious (obviously) AND #3 it had to be cheap. Every time I tried to rationalize spending actual money on a canister set I went back to "meh, my current set works just fine"
This is my current set:
It is definitely vintage and looks fine from a distance. 

Close up, the pull tabs are rusty, loose and have scratched the lids plus the copper coloring on the lids is also fading away. I acquired this from my mom's leftover, unwanted auction stash just so my roommates and I had something for our college rental house. 

Introducing my new canisters!
The set is metal with sturdy plastic lids, it is very obnoxious and rang it at $3 so it fit all of my requirements.The bonus is it actually has orange in it so it works with my orange and yellow kitchen. My brother asked if I bought these to organize my drugs. Come on, mushrooms were a popular 70's theme and are not necessarily drug related...are they? I guess my knowledge on the beginnings of the 70's mushroom craze is limited.

Another funky 70's/early 80's find:
My mom: "Are those Poppies? Did you buy a Poppy clock to go with your canister set!?" Darn it! I liked the chunky brown case and the font on the numbers. My intention is to put a more mod and less country-esque scene inside.

No, a tornado did not hit the garage. This is the organization part of the weekend finds. I've been wanting to redo a vintage file cabinet and I finally found one of those (cheap, of course). We also found some good garage shelves and some small filing drawers which will also be fun to redo, once I can spray paint and work with chemicals again.

Finally, I wandered into the garage yesterday and spied this sitting on the floor:
My brother bought this Compact brand vacuum (for himself, drat) and was trying to hide it in the garage because he knew I would want it! The plastic/rubber on the attachments are made with glitter!

Glitter! Ah, unfortunately the camera doesn't quite catch the full beauty of them.I will definitely be trying to convince him I need this for my birthday or Christmas!

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  1. Glitter? Are you kidding? Why don't they make them like that anymore? Alas, maybe they will start