Friday, July 20, 2012

My family of Billys

What other backed up blog stories were trapped on my old cameras? I thought I had the USB cords tucked in with the old cameras but no such luck. I'm not sure what these USB cords go with or where my old camera cords are and the only way to get to my pictures was via Mark's computer and then onto a USB drive. Needless to say I was too lazy. I hadn't used one of my cards for years and found zoo pictures and all kinds of weird (uninteresting) things on it.

Yes, that is a trolley parked next to my car at my old pre-married life apartment. I guess I was entertained by this scene enough to take a photo.

Anyways, back to Billy. I did mention my Ikea haul briefly...months ago.

The crib still isn't put together yet but my Billys sure are!

This is my troll corner previously with my single lonely Billy and a couple of wimpy Target specials plus other odds and ends. 

Another angle. 

Tadaa! Three new Billys! It almost looks less impressive though definitely more organized. Unfortunately, I have to open the closet door or else my fourth one would also fit which leads to where did the old Billy go with the fancy doors?
I was going to buy matching doors for each Billy but, of course, they discontinued my glass doors! This was traumatic to say the least so I lost all train of thought and accidentally bought one too many Billys forgetting I couldn't turn the corner with them because (in some people's minds) getting to the light switch is more important than troll display space?

 I measured around and found I could replace this stumpy little bookcase with...

 A tall Billy and fill it with lots of stuff!! 

Most? Some? of my Dream Pet/Dream Pet wannabe collection got to escape the confines of their box in my closet. 

Also, what is this?
Yes, a shelf with Steiffs? (and a few odds and ends) so I actually do have a collection with some value? Hmm, that is unusual for me. I'm not sure how it happened. I will say I have had that Ty beanie bear pre-beanie craze (it was free with purchase at a doll shop) and I believe at some point he was going for several thousand dollars? but for some reason selling it did not cross my mind. I didn't even collect them! I don't know what I was/was not thinking! But now I guess I have the story and maybe $50 if I do decide to part with him.

This little guy is showing just how I feel so it must be close to bed time...9:30 on a Friday night....

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