Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Growing up it seems like all of the holiday decor had its own place so when we pulled it out of the box we knew exactly where it went. I haven't gotten to that point with my decorations yet but it seems to get closer every year.

My mantle is still a work in progress but I do like how my bats turned out so they will be coming out again next year. They are a result of my Pinterest browsing and the pattern is here from Country Living.

My goal is to someday have enough kooky Halloween records to fill my frames but alas some tacky dollar store pictures will have to do for now.

Obviously I have a Halloween black cat obsession and this was a new acquisition which I actually won last weekend at a luncheon my mom brings me to every fall (I am bribed with the promise of country club food).

Another birthday gift this year was this witchy owl who may stay out a little past Halloween. I'm sure Mark will inform me I forgot to take down a decoration though he may be too distracted by my Christmas reindeer who will be making an appearance shortly.

I also had the grand idea of framing some of my vintage paper decor. I started painting some ugly frames but that is about all the further I got! This candy bag fit perfectly in this frame which was already somewhat beat up and Halloween looking so I did get one done!

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  1. I love the framed candy bag AND your bats! We finay get to put up decorations this Sunday (after a cast party for West Side Story). And now I think I'll also use my sandalwood Pyrex this Halloween too! I saw a neat picture of someone storing candy corn in the "black rooster" space saver Pyrex dish, and I will TOTALLY be doing that!