Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Quick Denver Trip

It seems as of late I have just been posting about my thrift findings instead of any renovation projects. Hmm, well, I only seem to average about an hour of free time a day - if I am lucky. I'm hoping to have my dining/living area done before this fall soo I have 5 months? along with pending yard work and outside painting coming up, yeah, we'll see what updates I come up with and/or have time to post about!

Anyways, I escaped to Denver for a bit to go to a family member's funeral. Between the snow we did manage to get to a few of our usual thrift stores where prices have definitely increased and pickings vintage in nature were slim. Though I admit we couldn't be very strategic since we had such a short trip so we didn't hit them at the best times.

 I did manage to find this Pyrex casserole lid for a $1 which I thought was different.

At the Goodwill by my aunt's house I found one of my Butterprint mixing bowls but it was $15? Nah, I'm not that desperate for Pyrex. They also had a brown mixing bowl for $10. Both at the special boutique counter and both had some scratches and fading. While browsing the kitchen shelves I came across these 2 bowls:

Both in shiny mint condition. The blue for $1.49 and the pink for $1.99. I already had the blue for my primary set but it looks very Spring-like paired with the pink bowl and I couldn't pass it up for that price.

and then something practical to use? Not that we needed drinking glasses but these looked like fun to have on the drinking glass shelf. I found a matching shot glass with a Crate and Barrel sticker on it so I do know their origin.

My aunt lives 15 mins from an Ikea so I have to stop by one of those every chance I get since we are deprived of one around here. I got a few things I forgot last time and I always manage to find a few extras.

This cute owl picture for little one's bedroom was my favorite!

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