Friday, May 17, 2013

One Troll Bikini Away From Being Crazy

I was going to give my trolls some love on the blog this past week and then I saw this was on "My Crazy Obsession"

I had my mom record it since I am too cheap and don't have time for cable. 
I think the only difference between us is I don't buy trolls online and I never have worn a troll bikini. I do have clothing with trolls and I'm pretty sure my husband has opened  the freezer door to find a troll chillin'. In my defense, I was told at some point if you find one of those little bugs in mohair you can't wash it so putting it in the freezer for a day or two will kill the bugs and eggs. They are not permanent residents.  
The best part is towards the end when she is trying to convince her husband for troll space in the basement. hehe, so funny.
Here is what I had hung up a few days before this aired:
I bought a whole box of these posters for $1 sometime in the early 90's after the craze ended. I recently found a stack of poster frames for free and one happened to fit so up it went in the troll room, er, the office.
I need to reorganize my shelves and there are little shelves and trolls all over this room so they are not just contained to this wall.
And yes, I do have my trolls catalogued with descriptions and where I got them. I started when I was 9 so I'm on top of that part of the crazy. I don't have photos. Maybe I should start?

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