Thursday, September 5, 2013

Pyrex Painting

In my neverending quest to organize my hoard in the basement I came across this piece of Pyrex which I pulled out of the free box a while back.

Poor thing! I think at one time this was a red fridgy but it was scrubbed/dishwashered beyond recognition. The price was right and I was wondering if I could paint it but I must have felt obligated to clean up some clutter so it got put in the basement and forgotten about. Upon finding it, I figured it was a good naptime project and it definitely wasn't going to hurt it any.

So I taped up anything I wanted to remain white. I am getting antsy about putting up some Halloween d├ęcor plus I had a can of open black spray paint handy so I decided black would be its new color.

A couple sprays with the spray paint and I now have a shiny black fridgy! I am going to guess this dish is now rendered purely decorative. No more baking or scrubbing.

Yay! I now have an excuse to go out and track down some addicting candy corn to try out my "new" dish.


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  2. Did you use gloss or flat paint on your fridgie?! I have made and spray painted Pyrex red for a "Christmas set" before. I love your blog, I've been reading all your posts! Come stop by mine if you get a chance "Everyone Goes to Mick's" :)

  3. Woo! a fan? :o) I'll check out your blog when I get a chance Mick! I used semi gloss? I think. Glossy would probably be prettiest but I was lazy and grabbed what I had open plus being Halloween-ish, the subdued gloss seems to work for it.

    I'll get to you too Bob though....the baby is attempting to break into her dirty diapers so whether or not I get back to my computer tonight is the question!

  4. I really like the satin finish you were able to achieve. I've never thought about painting my chipped and faded Pyrex, but I bet if I used the "high heat" paint I could still use it to bake. Great idea and result! Thank you!