Thursday, March 6, 2014

Estate Sale Findings

It's been pretty slow around here blog topic-wise. It has been Cold. Typical February. But Spring is finally on the horizon! My parents were in town last Friday and they are always a bad influence on me because they take me out of the house to places like estate sales! I'm glad I went to this one as it was in a fantasticly funky house. It was an architect's house from 1961 with the original bathrooms, kitchen and light fixtures. I don't really know how to explain it except it reminded me more of an office building or our downtown library. It looks like one of the family members bought the house and was keeping most of the furniture and probably most of the matching décor and knick knacks so there wasn't a whole lot of interesting things which is fine with me. I would rather they stay with the house than migrate to my house!

 I did find this tiny Pyrex flask.
and I am jealous there was a time when one could say "you know what would finish off this backsplash? Some brown peacock snowflake tiles!"
I think I like the box more than the actual tile!

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