Saturday, February 6, 2010

Circles and Squares

OK, no squares just circles and other odd angles. And by squares I mean square corners which one would expect to find in a cupboard but I guess my cupboards are just that special.

As you can see the cupboards are painted a glossy Harvest Gold. Not my colors, but also not disgusting cleanliness wise so I though I would scrub them down for the time being and they would be usable.

Wrong! They were completely covered with a sticky film from old shelf paper and on top of that another sticky mess from foamy shelf covers. No amount of Goo Gone was going to help us here. Not to mention missing paint, knots and nail holes.

The top shelf still had the original paper. Not bad, it matches the counters almost perfectly.

While trying to make my choice between the 4 papers Target had in stock I decided this would be adequate for my funky, retro kitchen. I do feel I have a natural talent for laying shelf paper so when I noticed the geometric pattern I thought nothing of it. Plus the other choices were vomit, diarrhea and clear? how does clear cover ugly boards!? Yes, I am aware there are thousands of patterns to choose from online but this isn't permanent (I hope) and it was at least $10 a roll cheaper.

I scrubbed and sanded and scrubbed some more trying to make the boards less bumpy from sticky deposits and knots. When I set out to measure I discovered each shelf was a little wider on the right than on the left and the back of the cupboard was always a little skinnier than the front. The shelves also are permanently glued and/or nailed in place so no removal for easy access. I fought with the paper, ruler and X-Acto knife for a while (i.e. all afternoon for 3 shelves) but I think it turned out decent.

The finished product. Fortunately I can only see the bottom shelf and the fronts of the others so those were all that really had to be aligned. Note my KitchenAid is dwarfed by these suckers - I need a chair to reach the second shelf and a ladder for anything beyond.

A side note: It's official! I do not have to share my washer and dryer with strangers (er, strange neighbors) anymore! I can do a load of laundry and not worry about someone throwing my undies all over the floor before they are done because they immediately need to wash something. I should add if I discover this has happened I can narrow it down to Mark or Frankie, maybe the dog.

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