Thursday, February 4, 2010

Cat Pee is Smelly

So I am backtracking a bit but these pictures were on my mom's camera. Remember that green carpet in the master bedroom?

The cat pee smell was not going away so we had to do the extreme and rip it up.

Otters is helping Frankie, of course.

It's even worse smelling when it's up off the floor.

Yowza! What is brown and stuck all over the floor!? It looks like poo which someone carpeted over but we are hoping it was once something with a high level of fructose corn syrup which fell out of a can or Burger King cup.

Bye carpet! We will miss you though your essence still lingers because you are sitting on the front porch. Anyone need some Emerald green carpet?

A much needed and much fresher smelling improvement.

We also got the box spring upstairs so we have a real bed again. Hooray! We just had to take off a few boards on the back and it was bendy enough to fit around the corner. My dad is pleased to be in the process of putting it back together again.

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