Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hot Tub Party

My mom conveniently escaped last weekend before I could get some of the pictures off of her camera. I guess we're still in the middle of that project so no big loss.

Anyways, moving on, I decided to finally find out what was in that hot tub. A family of raccoons? A dead body? or perhaps it was just full of water from the last party of the previous residents.

Fortunately only about 4" of water was at the bottom which isn't too bad considering the cover consisted of half a sheet of plywood and a rotten vinyl cover.

It has a classy cup holder only semi-convenient to the one person lying on the end seat. Also, it appears any spills run directly into the hot tub water.

Finally, no hot tub would be complete without a high tech "Command Center" complete with diagonal racing stripes. Can we have the count down to bubble activation please?

Frankie also got adventurous and crawled under the deck and into the door going under the porch. I am much too claustrophobic for that activity so I will live vicariously through these pictures he took.

This is right below the bathroom addition. Note the wire running across the top of the photo? That is most definitely a phone cord running to the hot tub.

All of those boards are the ones they switched out for plywood in the bathroom. I have no clue why they would put in the extra effort for a plywood floor. Despite being under here for 40 years the boards are still perfectly good so rotten flooring wasn't the reason. They must have just cut them out and left them where they fell, though the sub-floor should still be there?? OK, I really have no clue why they put these here. They are the same pine floor boards as the first floor so we now have a stash of extras and I, er Frankie, snagged one to test finish colors on too!

Insulation under the bathroom. Yep, the pipes still froze and I can see why. I can also see mold in the piece dangling to the far left. Nastiness!!

And the salvage store strikes again!!

Vintage ridged outlet and switch covers for .10 each to adorn all of new plugs etc. we've been busy adding. (above mentioned photos on my moms camera)

A medicine cabinet for $10. The fun etched flowers definitely sold me! I am also seeing a giant dust bunny or something front and center.

This one is pretty garish, I admit, but I will eventually be painting it for a shabby chic look.

Oh yeah, last but not least: This is the butt-ugliest outlet cover I have ever seen in my life! So, umm, of course I had to own it. It is kind of tricky to see through the original packaging (why, oh why would no one have ever installed this!?) but it is brown plastic wood texture with faux carvings.

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