Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Shower Curtains? I don't know what you're talking about

Yes, OK, I bought "curtains" for the bedroom though they were not exactly in the curtain section. Real curtains are all so blah and one color. Whatever happened to those fab curtains of the 50's and 60's? I suppose a majority of those were blah as well though only the obnoxious ones get attention today. I was figuring I would eventually have to resort to making curtains until I happened to wander down the bathroom aisle at Target and Bam! This somewhat vintage inspired shower curtain adorned with cute little squirrels and owls jumped out at me! Don't worry, it is heavy cloth, not flimsy plastic stuff and quite a bit cheaper than buying curtains though the cashier was probably wondering what I was going to do with multiple shower curtains.

I tried to get a good shot with my macrame owl in the foreground but it looks yellow and our room looks small. The trunk is Great Grandma's hope chest where a few of my bears and aliens enjoy sitting.

My current micro projects? I've been trying to fix the mangled medicine cabinet in the bathroom.

As you can kind of see with all the dark spots, the previous refinishers went a little wild with a small chisel while trying to rid the cabinet of its paint. They failed to get rid of all of the paint AND added gouges all over!

I had started sanding a little in this photo but it shows they also sanded against the grain and gouged out around the hinges. Since it's a very soft pine I have been taking 100 grit sandpaper and lightly sanding with the grain and it seems to be helping - it can't get any worse!

I also discovered the greatest store ever, well, around here anyways. I believe there are way better salvage stores in other places but I have to work with what I've got! I did find this 40's/50's toilet for $20 to replace one of the cheap, mini 80's toilets. It will probably go into the first floor bath but it is currently living on the front porch.

Oh the floor, the floor! I finally organized all of the boxes in that corner *cough* put them in the basement. Since the temperatures have warmed up we decided to give the stripper a shot and it works! Whew! The moral of this story: When it is -20 outside stripper does not work.

Garage Sale season is almost here! I've been itching to go out treasure hunting once again. I had a little warm up at the flea market last weekend and found these great Christmas critters plus some 60's decorating books. Hooray!

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