Thursday, April 29, 2010

At least the first floor isn't smelly anymore

Bart and Bling came for a visit this weekend. Bling spent a lot of time chilling in the basement but Bart claimed his spot on the chest by the window. The dog spent his time trying to smell Bart's rear hence why Bart is up high er, too high for the dog .

Moving on, this is what I smelled whenever I walked in the door. I don't think I need to describe it, the photos speak for themselves.

The first floor bathroom was carpeted!

AND the toilet was leaky. Gross!!

No more carpet equals no more smell. Yay!

No more toilet really means no more smell! Mark, did you turn up your i pod to cover the smell??

Well, after we plugged up the drain to avoid sewer gas there was no more smell. The evolution of the decor is displayed on the wall behind the toilet.

Go Pink! 1970 was a little late for the pink bath craze?? I wonder what original flooring they had.

Our display of supplies - minus the entertainment center in the midst.

Mark is disgruntled about me taking pictures. He would be shaking his fist if he wasn't holding down the board.

The cement board? (It says cement board but the Home Depot guy called it something else, it was sitting in the tile area anyways) is down and it already looks fresher.

Yea, yea, I chose the same tile everyone else seems to choose but I was looking for some generic black and white tile and how can one beat the $2.50 a sq ft tile from Home Depot? The main bathroom will be a little more exciting maybe? But as far as the 1/2 bath goes this sure beats that carpet. So far I just have it sitting loose and I haven't started the adventure of actually attaching it. This will be a test of my true talent and also practice for when it's time to do the real bathroom.

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