Thursday, May 6, 2010

Oops, I got distracted...

I tried the tile for about 10 mins and realized none of the tiles were attached together straight or equally spaced (what do I expect for $2.57) so I got annoyed, argued with the tile for a while and then left the room. Fortunately Saturday morning I had found a couple of chairs for $1 at a garage sale which needed some TLC so aha! what a perfect way to take out my frustrations and ignore the tile issue.

The white and brown one I found in the kitchen but the black one was out in the barn/workshop so it had a few more coats of paint on it which were blotchy and drippy. I think the brown one will do with a light sanding but the black paint had to go away on the other.

I have since figured out how to do the tiles without separating every single one but I still haven't attached them to the floor so now I have half stripped chairs and some tile kind of place around the bathroom not to mention the partially finished wood floor. Someday I am planning on finishing a project before starting another....

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