Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Basically Done Bathroom Pictures

Whew, we've been trying to get organized for a garage sale now too so not much has been happening in the remodeling realm. Here are some pictures which I realized I never posted. Obviously I still have to paint but someone will eventually be knocking holes in the walls to insulate so I guess I'll wait.

My vintage $20 toilet.

I painted the inside of the cabinet with some paint which was free. We will be replacing the gold vomit flecked sink though I haven't found one to fit yet.

I replaced the 70's hardware with a .50 Lucite handle,

put up a valance I found in my collection of "interesting" curtains,

hung up a tropical reverse glass painting which I have had floating around forever

and no bathroom would be complete without a coordinating kitty! Hmm, the woodwork is also another project. The important thing is the bathroom is fully operational and does not smell like, well, you know anymore.

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