Monday, September 27, 2010

Space Age Find

My mom and I were at one of our favorite Goodwill stops in Omaha when I spotted this fab object on a shelf.

Whatever could it be!? A vase? Part of a lamp? A large juicer? (my mom's guess) For $2.50 I figured it needed further investigation so it found its way into the car and back to my house. It is a little over 19" tall and the yellow insert is removable.

So what is it?

Yep, an ashtray. I Googled the markings: Space Age Products Inc. and came up with their web page. It looks like they have been making the same ashtrays since 1954 so I was rightfully attracted to its vintage-ness I guess. It doesn't look like they currently make yellow but I'm not sure how one would date these. They run $37.95 plus S&H so I didn't get ripped off and as my brother states "he knows of a few hipsters who will buy it from me if I decide I don't want it." I think I'll keep it for a while and see what I can come up with.

Whenever I try to flip through the records at these places I always get some creeper standing in my personal space. I am afraid they are trying to think of some clever pick up line for the "hip" girl trying to find vintage exotic music to listen to on her record player. In actuality they probably just want to look through the records to find a few for their ebay store. I even had some older guy yell at me one time, "Do you even know what a record player is!? Watcha goin' do with that!?" Did he really think my Starland Vocal Band record was priceless and he was going to convince me not to buy it with that comment? Whatever the reason for creeper's closeness yesterday I made my selection and then made my escape without any awkward communication. This one was my favorite find:

I'm sure I lost all cool points if Mr. Creeper saw my selection but how can one resist Grover dressed as John Travolta!? The record is in amazingly good shape too with classics such as C is for Cookie and Rubber Duckie.

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