Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Ceiling for the Bathroom

I am glad no other females live here as they would not be able to stand this bathroom. We tore out the rest of the ceiling at the angle so we were left with this for a few days.

Fortunately my dad came down for a day and we were able to at least get the ceiling board up FINALLY!!

Of Course the boys were both at work so it was up to me to help haul the board up the stairs and hoist it into position.

Clamped up with some kind of contraptions my dad made for putting up plaster board at their house years ago.

And the screws make it official. The ceiling is in place! The bathroom project has come to a halt for the moment because we need to finish up the outside before it gets cold. Plus we have been out of town for a few weekends which has really put a damper on our progress.

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