Saturday, February 5, 2011

Shagadelic Rugs

I like our closet carpet.Yes, I said it and it is shag avocado green. I'm guessing it originally graced the first floor area and must have looked groovy with the freshly painted fireplace (which I wish they hadn't done). Last weekend, when the topic of a living room rug came up I said "if only the chimney and linen closet didn't cut into the closet it would make a nice area rug!" Mark, "What? Are you serious!?"
Umm, Yeah I am! It would be a nice 8'x9' section of glorious green shag! Unfortunately the chimney and linen closet are there so it is still banished to the closet.

 I did decide I didn't want to sheepishly snitch the shag rake attachment I spied in my parent's collection of Kirby attachments a while back so maybe it is for the best we ended up with something a little less shaggy. 

It was claimed immediately so we knew it was a hit with the critters.

It's still a little flat here but you can see it doesn't require the vacuum rake, I hope....
Yay! The living room is a bit more organized. (looking this direction, behind me is a different story) I'm still brainstorming ideas for the mantle. Yes, my alien poster I put up months ago as a joke is still there.And yes, the seating is too big (not to mentioned ripped) but I'm still working on ideas to get rid of those along with the "entertainment center" and it's 5,000 wires.

I dunno, maybe it's just the bright red furniture clashing but it doesn't seem to blend with my $3 coffee table and other blond furniture I'm accumulating. Right now I'm thinking the rug should go in the bedroom, the bedroom rug to the spare bedroom and a lighter rug? in here. For now I'm enjoying its fuzziness so it will stay put. Our lack in rug ownership does allow for some future rearranging.

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