Sunday, January 30, 2011

Vintage Wallpaper Find

I was out at the salvage store the other day and of course I can't leave without checking the free pile!

What did I come across but 3+ rolls of this lavender, gray and blue butterfly 1940's? 50's? wallpaper in decent shape! 

 It is stamped United Wallpaper on the back.

I think there is enough to do the back wall in the currently troll/office room which will someday be my spare purple bedroom with my fancy iron bed. (another project still in the back of my parent's garage)


  1. lovely - and what a gift from the Retro Decorating Gods!

  2. Well, they have some making up to me to do after what they did to the 15/20 rolls of 1920's wallpaper I found in my attic :)
    90 hot summers and cold winters = very sad brittle paper.