Saturday, January 28, 2012

Coca-Cola Ice Box

My parents are still digging stuff of mine out of their house. My neighbors must think I'm crazy (rightly so) because a couple more boxes are brought every visit. This visit brought my 4-H project from 7th grade but first I will tell you about my icebox stoop.

This is where my house's first icebox sat. The kitchen is to the left and up a step and the side door (convenient for ice drop off) is to the right. 

 An overhead view. If you look in the middle and a few boards out from the wall, you can see the hole where the drain pipe was (still is in the basement) so the ice could drain away.

So what is one to do with this space? I was using it for recycling but I am lazy and never seem to motivate myself to drop off said recycling until it is an out of control pile. Not a big problem but this spot is easily viewed from the kitchen since the basement is always open for the cat. Tired of looking at a giant pile of plastic I decided since this spot originally housed an ice box, why not "reinstall" one? Of course I have one...who doesn't??

Back to my 7th grade 4-H project. This one, as many projects did, came from the back of my parent's garage and was purchased at an auction for $5. At that point in my life, while most of my friends were in want of the latest clothing and shoes, I really wanted (I guess I still do) a vintage Coke cooler/machine but had no way of affording one. So my answer to this "need" was to get out the spray paint and make a Coke logo stencil. The ice box was missing a leg and is made from a hodgepodge of cheapy wood so this was a definite improvement.It won a big ribbon and went to the state fair so I was happy.

The top props up and I can cram all of my Coke bears right inside.

  Plus I can store some of my misc. Coke things in the bottom.

Now I just need to do something about that stained up 90's wallpaper in the background, add a few more shelves and my basement stair landing will transform into the perfect Coca-Cola area.


  1. That's SO cool! I love how you brought it back to it's original purpose.