Thursday, January 5, 2012

Frankie's "New" Home

I admit, I have been slacking on the blog and I use Christmas as an excuse but to be honest, I'm not that busy since the parents and rest of the family provide most of the food and gifts. Mark even does the shopping for the most part so I just have to wrap and decorate, maybe bake cookies if I feel like it.

This is another post for my "Save this House" section, but oh wait, my brother already is!! Hooray! I currently just have real estate photos and, you guessed it, the Realtor didn't take any photos of the "interesting" bits and pieces.

It looks like an unsuspecting 2 bedroom bungalow from the outside so it does a good job of disguising the 2 bedrooms, full bath and kitchen on the second floor. Aluminum siding and windows wouldn't be my first choice but it is maintenance free and the only thing needing done outside is a little paint and a new porch spindle or two.  

 Oak is everywhere from the floor to the crown molding. The woodwork is all immaculate too so no refinishing there. The floors will probably need something.

The shiny, clean woodwork definitely contrasts with the circa 1943 carpeting and wallpaper. I don't think it has been refinished anytime recently either because how would they have done it without damaging/staining the already crumbly wallpaper??
What we suspect to be the original 1920's dining or living room area rug is in the basement. If we determine it hasn't rotted completely away, Frankie will be convinced to move it back to its original location.

Oak french doors leading into a first floor bedroom/den/office/G.I.Joe battle room/whatever Frankie has planned for it.

This is the fantastic "shed" out back which is in addition to a garage. The original screen doors are carefully labeled "original screen door to stay with house!" Same with the porch swing.

What is not included in the photos which I will get photos of and include in the section "My Brother's Bungalow":

The original kitchen cupboards and the original farmhouse sink still perched on its original legs. The description says the kitchen needs updated?? Maybe a few more cupboards and a new fridge. The stove is cute and from the 1940's?50's? so we'll see if that works and cleans up. The floor is a cheery yellow 50's linoleum and it includes a matching chrome table.

The huge basement laundry room/1940's apartment kitchen has near mint condition art deco linoleum with a matching cabinet and hutch and it is topped off with a bead board ceiling.

The basement also boasts not one, but TWO more farmhouse sinks (I have dibs on one for my kitchen someday) along with TWO more 1940ish cute stoves, 3 more refrigerators (I also have a claim on the fridge with a lot of chrome and aqua happening), a 3/4 bath, another (not yet legal) bedroom, living room and a dining room with a built in hutch.

The second floor, as mentioned, has a kitchen with yet another cute 1940ish stove and a metal Youngstown kitchen sink cabinet which has a sliding drainboard. It also has another full bath, what is currently a living room (as it still has a couch in it) and a bedroom which also includes a pretty waterfall style bed.

I will also note, whatever was in the house when we saw it comes with the house because the people who inherited it live out of state. Everything in the shed photo is still in the shed and there are boxes of tools and all sorts of crazy things in there. There are things in the basement and crammed under the eves so it will be interesting to see what we find. Also, this house has been in the same family for 3 generations and the current owner passed away (not in the house) so we know this has to be almost, if not, the original family which adds to the intrigue of the left behind items.


  1. Wow, what a great house! Congrats to your brother! And all the treasures left to explore -- fabulous!

  2. Beautiful house! We bought a house like this once with all of the original pieces securely labeled and left for us. It made us feel so in touch with the people who had lived there before us. And not to mention that they must have been very obsessive like we are to have done that. I hope he has many happy decades there!

  3. hehe, I think I'm more excited to start digging around than he is!