Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Broken Sofa

The other night Mark and I were sitting on the couch when all of a sudden we heard a crack and then we were 6" lower. Yes, we broke the couch I salvaged from my grandparent's house.Come on! I know I've been drinking too much Coke lately but I didn't think I was substantial enough to break a piece of furniture!

I'm not sure how much more Mark can take before he takes me to Nebraska Furniture Mart and forces me to pick out a new couch. It was one thing to need new upholstery but the no leg thing kind of makes it an awkward seat.

I don't have a clue how to fix the leg. I'm hoping my dad does. A lot of glue and clamps?? Maybe a metal reinforcement through the center?? I'm thinking a pile of bricks underneath might be a classy solution. Even if it does get fixed Mark will never trust sitting on it again. But then maybe I can reupholster it without fear of it getting dirty within the week. Hmm...


  1. There are several solutions...You can purchase a set of sofa legs, the mid century style ones are pretty easy to find (I actually have a set of 1960s legs like yours in the original box). You can also take the broken leg to a woodworker and have them turn a new one on a lathe. Glue and clamps wont fix it for very long so I recommend a permanent solution.

  2. I know I passed up some matching legs at a garage sale last summer because I was trying to avoid hoarding random furniture pieces!

    My dad is a woodworking repair genius and fixed it somehow. We went to Ace and he picked up something from the screw department. He was so fast with his repair that I came back downstairs from feeding the baby and it was already fixed. I'll have take it apart to see what/how he did it and update my post.

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