Monday, February 18, 2013

English Pyrex

My first piece of English Pyrex was a lid. I mentioned to my mom I needed a certain size lid and she, of course, said she had one. The next visit she brought it for me. Obviously this story is heading towards the fact the lid did not fit any of my Pyrex because it was an English lid. I asked her where she found it and, just as I had suspected, she found it in Canada while thrifting with her sister.
This weekend I found lids along with the bottoms at a thrift store here!

The pattern might look a little 80's/90's but I think it's pretty and so different from any of my U.S. Pyrex.

The handles also have a unique shape.

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  1. That is pretty. I had to stop garage sale-ing and thrifting because I bring home too much stuff. =)