Friday, January 2, 2015

Pyrex Reorganization.

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a great holiday season! Now we are stuck in the cold, dreary month of January. Yuck! January and February are my least favorite months of the year.

This year's resolution is to continue my quest to pare down my hoard. Which, this first post of the year makes it look like I am just expanding my hoard but really I just want some form of organization for it! I have Pyrex stuffed everywhere and getting more for Christmas made me realize my poor cupboards may collapse if I stack more onto the top shelf. Plus, I would like to rotate it out seasonally on my buffet which is tough to do when I have to get the ladder out and sift through the cupboards and pantry shelves then dig through the buffet, well, you get the idea! I was inspired? by this photo:
Wouldn't it be fun to open a door in the basement and see this!? OK, I would not be keeping stuff on the floor because my husband and/or dad would be wanting to get to that electrical box. The cat would be running through. I would trip into it. But having it neatly on shelves definitely would brighten my basement.

I had my eye on my shelving under the stairs in the laundry area where I keep my paint hoard. I have never cleaned these shelves so that was my first priority. (one shelf is cleaned in this photo) There was 30+ (80?) years of dust, spider webs and some weird dead bug parts. I also am forbidding myself to go to free paint day at our salvage store for a while yet I have to get a couple of these paint cans there on one of those days, hmm. The broken fan also got set by the trash and someone took it before trash day so I did get rid of one hoarded item during this project!

I was also excited to spot this writing on the shelf. (yea, I'm a nerd) It's hard to read but it says North & Co. Lincoln Nebr. North were the original builders/owners of the house. They never lived here so I'm guessing it was some sort of investment project. They ran a printing company (still in business today) so these shelves must have been built from packing crates. The boards are thick and have been holding my paint but I didn't want to take any chances with my Pyrex so I added some support in the middle. Continuing the tradition by also using scrap wood.

A few of the Pyrex pieces I received at Christmas. A "Daisy" from my brother and a "Friendship" from my mom.
I never seem to find anything unusual in the wild or at antique malls but my mom always is finding crazy patterns. She doesn't spend more than $1 for anything without asking me. I know, because she will call me and start the conversation with "I found this piece of Pyrex but it's $3...." The Blue Horizon (on the left) I see at the antique stores but it is usually more than I want to pay. The other pattern is unusual and is a promotional from 1965 appropriately named "Golden Bouquet"
Hey! My paint hoard doesn't even look that bad anymore! Now I can start digging out my cupboards and stacking my Pyrex here. It will definitely be easier to access for use and display rotation. Added bonuses: it might inspire me to do laundry so I can look at my Pyrex. Also, I might find someplace for the potato chips and bread to live in a cupboard and free up counter space. 

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