Friday, January 16, 2015

Refrigerator Fail

No worries, my harvest gold fridge is still going strong. What we failed at was putting my monitor top fridge back together again.

I've had it out in the garage for a long time because I wanted to get this wall painted and didn't want to have to move and work around it. Well, this chunk of wall was finished before Christmas so I could put my tree here but now it was time to finally move my fridge to its rightful location. OK, I think its rightful location is the kitchen but the husband doesn't think it makes an adequate fridge size-wise...
The problem: The monitor top part has to be lifted up, with the freezer attached, and set into the top. My dad and another guy (both older) pulled it off and placed it into the van so I figured between my brother, husband and me we could get it. We knew lifting it straight up and over wasn't going to work so we laid the fridge on it's side, popped it in sideways and tried to lift. Nope, it was sliding out before we er, they could lift it. Now I'm thinking get the fridge at a 45-ish degree angle and slide it in. But what would one angle it against so it doesn't slide/completely squish it?
I was reading that when they originally delivered the fridge, they brought a special hoist to lift the top onto the fridge. Well, I don't think that is happening. In the meantime, my monitor top is resting beside the dining room table, amongst the Christmas décor.
I *think* my fridge is one of the smaller models so it's a good thing I didn't come across a bigger one! I just have to recruit a stronger guy or two to add to the mix and that should solve the problem.

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