Friday, July 28, 2017

Where are my fuzzy socks??

I started the "productive" part of my morning jumping onto Pinterest to double check a strategy to de-frizz doll hair. I caught site of a photo of a woman lounging in fuzzy socks, alone? on her tidy looking bed with fancy throws, smiling to herself and enjoying a cup of coffee. The caption read: "You too can be a stay at home mom!" I had a good chuckle about that one while dunking Elsa's head in a bucket of fabric softener, making sure #1 wasn't suffocating #2 under a pile of pillows and then proceeding to the bathroom to scrub a toilet.

I had JUST finished scrubbing down everything and was in the kitchen rinsing out the sponge when #1 exclaimed she had to use the bathroom. OK, whatever. I finish putting cleaners under the kitchen sink. #1 flushes and leaves the bathroom and then I hear water splashing onto the floor. Yep, the toilet was exploding EVERYWHERE. Why!? I cannot answer this as I frantically scoop water out of the bowl in hopes of keeping up with the water flow. Why isn't it turning off!? I also cannot answer this and I cannot get a good enough angle through the inch of water under the toilet to turn off the valve. I finally frantically threw off the toilet tank lid and started grabbing and wiggling innards. It thankfully shuts off but my freshly cleaned bathroom is a soggy hot mess.

And Elsa's hair? Still frizzy.