Saturday, January 16, 2010

Specially Requested Kitchen Photos

Not too much to report. Just doing some uninteresting scrubbing and freshening up so I can put stuff away without feeling too grossed out. Fortunately nothing is super disgusting but the house was vacant for quite a while so there is some dust, spiderwebs, left over pet fur etc. floating around.

I do have the specially requested photos of the kitchen to post. I admit it does need some rearranging and updating but it functions (for the most part) at the moment so it will be this way for a little while.

The sink is awkwardly placed on the edge. It will eventually be switched with the dishwasher? I haven't thought anything else out past that plan. The clothes chute and plumbing for upstairs are behind the angled wall so it will probably always be at an angle - though I think it can be pushed back a little. Shelves or a cupboard will also someday go on that wall.

The basement stairs are to the left of the fridge and the back of the coat closet is to the right. If we ever want a wider fridge I guess the coat closet will have to go!

Wall of cupboards with the dining room door to the right.

And to end the post on a cute note. Otters was over for a visit and his footsies got cold. He solved this solution and found a cushy spot right in front of the heat vent.


  1. Cara, I saw your post on I adore your kitchen. I don't know what changes you've made since these pictures were taken, but I think the right paint would make the counters and appliances "sing". The white cabinets and walls are washing out the potential beauty. I think the white is too chalky for the warm tones in the appliances and counters. Also, some new hardware on the cabinets could bring out their original period glory. Your wood floor, trim, and doors are phenomenal. You've got quite a gem on your hands. Not that you asked for my opinion. :)

  2. Oh! I just saw the "comments" tab on my home page. I really need to sit down and figure out all of the tricks to this world of blogging!

    Currently nothing but a good scrubbing has been done to the kitchen. I agree the white is too much but it isn't on my emergency project list at the moment. I'm not sure the cupboards ever had a glory period as they seem to be bits and pieces of crummy wood attached haphazardly to the wall - they do photograph well.

    Thanks! Someday I hope to have some fun finished pics of the kitchen to post