Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Moving Day

I am now sitting at my computer at the new place with interwebs! Yay! We moved the big stuff last weekend. One glitch: Our box spring did not fit up the stairs. I guess the tight corner plus a low door frame do not agree with a queen sized bed. Current plan: Take it apart and reassemble upstairs. Will it work? I don't know but either way we will still have a mattress on the floor. Oh, the mattress is bendy so that easily slid around the corner.

The moving truck at our apartment with Mark doing some loading.

It looks like a disaster struck our apartment.

Some volunteer movers. Yay! Thanks guys! (Even though you don't read my blog, or blogs in general for that matter.)

Brigitte and Nicolette who may read my blog on occasion. Nicolette's load looks way bigger than Brigitte's. I think she was trying to be a show off with her strong muscly arms she has been taking to the gym.

Everything now piled in the dining room here.

The moving truck in our driveway. I guess I was fascinated with it. It was so shiny and I've never been in a moving truck before. But just now I realized I didn't even get in the driver's seat to see what it was like! Darn it! I guess we'll just have to move again - though by that time I'll need a much bigger truck!

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