Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Giants Up North

Last year on my trip to Minnesota I discovered the joy of posing next to ridiculously large statues along the road.

I mean, who could resist the call of giant ice cream or a monster viking??

This past week I was back and decided to see what else I could find. I tracked down Paul Bunyan in Bemidji

His native friend across the street (my picture with him must be on Mom's camera)

Some guy with no feet in Big Falls

Smokey Bear and family in International Falls

Husky the Musky in Kenora, Ontario

a Dala horse in Cloquet

and Lego Woody at the mall - a bunch of Japanese girls were pointing towards me (I'm hoping towards the general direction of the Lego store and not me) so this will be my excuse for my awkward pose though I do see my pant leg is all bunched up so maybe those girls were pointing at me.

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