Saturday, July 3, 2010

Hot Water is Nice

Why do I have a picture of a shiny new hot water heater? No, it's not to contrast with the disgusting basement floor. It's because the other one died. I was very excited to come home from work to find this one all installed and ready to use!
Monday night I unknowingly used the last bit of hot water to wash a load of sheets then Frankie went to take a shower. Oops!! We lit the pilot light and went about our business until I went to do dishes an hour later and still no hot water at all. It was then we discovered the pilot light was not staying lit. So it was time to decided whether it was an easy fix or worth making a warranty request. We first decided it was just the little piece telling the gas to stay on when the pilot was lit and was an easy fix. But then we heard water dripping and Frankie checked the inside bottom, yep, it was rusting through. Mark turned of the water to it and tried to drain it just in case it rusted completely out. The last few days have been spent heating up water the old fashioned way in order to do dishes and take old tyme baths. I am very much delighted to be back in modern times with hot water from a faucet.

However, it appears with this water heater I have to watch out for human-sized, flame throwing gas cans along with flesh eating Hot Burn coming from the faucets.

I also got the dining room furniture arranged...on the opposite side of the room from where it should be but that means the floor is getting closer to being done. Ugh, the curtains! The curtains are still ugly circa 1994 but what can I say, they are curtains at least.

The current status of the dining room floor.

The closer to the ugly, yet unfortunately handy back door, the more the floor looks like this. Carpet tape and shoe crud.

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