Monday, August 30, 2010

A Federal Offense

Yep, someone stole our mailbox. Or it is in our bushes somewhere but as far as I can tell it is gone. The sad, rotten post it was precariously balanced on remains but the mailbox is nowhere to be seen. I'm guessing someone stumbled by drunkenly and thought it would be "cute" to run off with it, probably discarding it a few blocks away. It was hideous and was embellished with someone's name other than our own so no big loss though it did happen right before we left town for the weekend so our mail lady had nowhere to deposit our mail on Saturday.

As soon as I discovered it missing I was excited as it gave me an excuse to replace the thing since I was afraid it would fall over every time I opened it and a family of ants had also taken up residency in it this summer. I immediately pictured getting something like this to replace it:
Something classy with some craftsman flair though at $179 it will have to wait until I win the lottery or find one at a garage sale. I will probably never be able to justify spending this much money for something I never really look at which is (obviously) sitting in plain sight for someone to steal.

Alas a $16 Menards special will hold our mail for now.

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