Monday, April 11, 2011

How I Spent $2

OK, maybe this haul did cost more than $2 but not for me! The first sale we hit was an estate sale. We knew things would be cheap because someone asked the price of the lawn chairs and she said $1 for both so my mom and I started one of our infamous piles by the cash table. When all was said and done my mom had 2 + boxes for her antique selling and I had a box of painting supplies, a set of nicely framed paint by numbers, this "lovely" avocado chair and a few other odds and ends. My mom asked how much and the lady said, mm, well, is $10 too much?? Obviously not, plus I guess my mom felt she got her moneys worth and just handed over a $10 bill for all of our things.

This is what my $2 went towards at another sale.I'm trying really hard not to start collecting Pyrex because I know my cupboards will be full of it in less than a year. I'm limiting myself to turquoise because those are harder to find and that is why these are now sitting on my counter...Darn It! The ribbed crystal one was .25, the red was .50 and the yellow was $1.25 so I couldn't pass them up.

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