Friday, April 1, 2011

One Thing a Day

I am pretty good at procrastinating. That is why I have not started freaking out about the fact Mark volunteered our house for Easter. I will start freaking out about this about 2 days in advance so I have set a goal to do one productive thing a day. Yesterday I worked on the box of garage sale stuff which has been sitting behind the couch, today I took a nap, looked at other people's renovation blogs then went to Culver's and had ice cream...darn it! OK, today was a fail.
The other day I did get my bicentennial themed trivets hung up so that was productive. I found them at a Goodwill in Denver last winter AND they were even the half price color sticker so they were $1 apiece! Score for me? Well, I like them anyways...

It will mainly be Mark's family so I have to be sure they know I am running with the crazy 70's theme of my kitchen. Everyone who knows me should also know my not-so-secret affection towards my harvest gold appliances.
Hey, I can't afford to change it and they work so why fight it?

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