Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spontaneous Kitchen Knobs

Oops! I just realized I never posted this after writing it up nor did I post the week before project. So first, the other day I spontaneously decided I needed to change out the cabinet knobs in the kitchen since they are one by one falling off despite my careful gluing a year ago.I thought since I was someday going to rip out the circa 1970 homemade cabinets I could live with the knobs but I was wrong.

I do still like the little knobs as they all have a different design

They just were not suited for kitchen cabinets. I'll hoard them in the basement for perhaps another project someday.

The internet is fantastic as I can sit at home and decide what I want and who has it. I wanted something retro-ish and cheap.

I thought about going crazy colonial bicentennial 70's with some wrought iron handles like these:

But I would have had to add another hole and the drawers already have a hole in the center etc. so my 1/2 hour project would have turned into a 3 evening project. Wait, these are only .86? Maybe I should have gone 70's. I can also picture these on some 50's knotty pine.

I "upgraded" to a slightly more expensive knob. One I thought Mark might also approve of since he was at work and I wasn't able to consult him. Though I know I would get a shoulder shrug and a "whatever" along with his likely "as long as you don't ask my opinion or make me sit there while you decide."

They don't photograph well but below are the ones I chose.
 It is nice to have knobs on all of the cabinets once again and all for a little under $24! Now if only I could decide what/how to paint them.

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