Tuesday, May 8, 2012

House #2 Update

Just an update about my brother's quest for a house. As you may recall from the post here they lost the seller of his original house. All she had to do was sign over the title and take his check but no one ever found her to finish this last task. I do feel bad for the house because it is really nice and there is all of that fun stuff inside. Darn her! Where did she go?? and now how will she get rid of the house? No one in town is going to list it for her and she obviously isn't going to be able to handle a for sale by owner. The utilities are all still on and she'll have to continue to pay taxes. And yard work? The city will fine her for that one I guess...if they can find her...
He decided it was time to move on and this time I am even more jealous of his find. I will try not to curse it again with a full blown story but it is a fantastic Italianate/Victorian on a double lot. The parts that make me most jealous are the decent sized kitchen, attached garage, cute gardening shed, back staircase and, last but not least, 2 full bathrooms - one a complete original 1900 bathroom and the other is in the 50's addition off the back and, you guessed it, it's pink! I told him I will buy this house from him when he is tired of it, no joke! My only contingency is he has to keep the bathrooms. I already heard him say something about needing to find pink rugs so it sounds like he is taking me up on my offer, though I'll help him man it up a little - black or gray rugs would look better than pink anyways. It is a short sale so he only has to cough up 65Kfor it (OK, a little more with interest and what not) but he isn't closing until July ugh, I hope it's worth the wait and the seller doesn't mysteriously vanish this time!

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