Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend Finds

We did get some productive garage saleing done this weekend so it wasn't a total waste! I've been trying to stick to practical items but it's hard to resist some new additions to my ever  expanding troll family.

 Both are in such good shape and include their original tags. Plus I suspect they are actual souvenirs from oversees as the Nyform one (on the right) has a $14 price tag and even small ones like this run $35-$45ish? at the stores, er, store I have seen them at here. I've only bought them used and cheap because most people are terrified by them so I'm not up on current new prices.

My other find was an addition to my other problem:

 another Chair...

But hey! Even this is practical as I've been looking for a vintage rocking chair for the nursery which doesn't have that wicked looking rocking contraption underneath that looks like it would be catching arms and legs of both the cat and the child if one wasn't careful. The chair looked so forlorn sitting out in the parking lot so I couldn't resist also it was cheap and proceeds went to charity so it was a win-win. As my mom and I were excitedly hauling it off I heard one of them saying "I can't believe someone bought that chair!" Ha! I heard that!

"You're going to put this gross thing in our child's room?" was basically Mark's response. No worries, it is actually very clean and sturdy - just the fabric is a little well used. My mom and I went straight to the fabric store and I actually found a nubby orange upholstery fabric which will hide barf stains and blends with the curtains on super duper clearance. Umm, does that normally happen? No! I was going to start chopping at it last night but the cat claimed the chair as soon as she spotted it and decided it was her napping spot for the evening.

It is tagged Paoli Chair Company, Inc. on the bottom along with a 1960 date. It looks like the company/a variation of the company is still in business today as I found a website for them.

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  1. I'm a bit late reading this post and commenting, but I guess better late than never?

    I have that EXACT same chair in my livingroom. I got it two summers ago at an auction for $5. Mine has lighter colored wood and had already been reupholstered. One of these days I will get around to putting a more period appropriate fabric on it than the teal velveteen that is currently there.