Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend Productivity?

This weekend was not productive. In fact, I feel it is regressing more around here than progressing.

We had to clean out our relatively new (30 yr old) sewer line last summer and they didn't find any tree roots etc. so we were hoping it was a fluke and it just needed a good cleaning but nope, it's backing up again. We called the city hoping it was their 125 year old line but they claim nothing is wrong on their end so it has to be ours. Hopefully someone can come quick, unplug us and run a camera down to find the exact culprit of this situation. Also, hopefully this situation is not occurring under the driveway slab. 

The ants have swarmed the kitchen again. Didn't I have this problem the first summer here? Why yes I did but the ants fell for my traps and gradually died off. This year's crop seem indifferent to my traps despite their obvious attraction to the grape juice which mysteriously appears on my counters every morning.

The air conditioner exploded water all over the basement as it was extra humid on Saturday and something clogged up the hose. 

Last but not least, termites! Didn't we have the house treated for termites before we moved in? Yes, yes we did but my dad found a few on the garage. This was the front middle post which is by itself, the last section of the garage he was repairing and he hadn't seen any others anywhere else. We put some termite killer on it and are hoping that will take care of them and it's not a widespread problem...yet? We'll see about that. Since my dad fixed most of the trim on the garage this weekend hopefully it doesn't just get eaten up again!

 This was the damage done by previous termites and water.

It now looks like this. Yay! Nothing big or exciting but every little bit around here helps.

 Around the door frame is also fresh and new.

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