Sunday, June 16, 2013

French Pyrex and Chocolate

I don't usually do food posts. Heaven knows there are enough food blogs not to mention I mostly eat pizza and spaghetti so the variety would be lacking.
Last weekend I was scouring that estate sale for some interesting Pyrex. I discovered her stash in the basement store room and there was a lot but it was all crystal. How boring! I did pick through it and found this set.

as modeled by Cammie and some stray baby toys.
I'm guessing it's not that old, 70's/80's? Though I forget that's getting to be 30+ years old now!
This is the side which caught my attention as they are made in France. That and the handles are funky. I didn't find out much about my new set with a quick internet search...probably because they are boring crystal!
I wanted to break in my new dishes and decided to try my hand  at a brownie recipe I pinned on Pinterest last week which replaced the flour with black beans. Hmm, veggies in with dessert? The recipe I used is found here: and I am sure there are others out there. One commenter marveled it still tasted like chocolate. Yeah, probably as it still has butter, sugar and cocoa powder! With that being said, I'm sure the calories are still up there but hey, you're getting some fiber out of the deal.
Well, it looks like the picture on the recipe's site so that is a good start. (I posed it in front of my counter display to provide some eye candy for those of you who don't care about my brownies)
and a texture shot. The texture also looks similar to their photos though I think I needed a bigger brownie for the final product photo.
They don't have a horrible flavor and they look relatively normal but they have kind of a gelatinous? texture and I'm having issues getting over this. The husband had half of one, first thinking they were dark chocolate which he doesn't like but I think the texture got him too because he didn't eat any more after finding out what was "wrong" with them. I probably won't be making brownies with beans in them again despite the fact it is a good idea to sneak some veggies into dessert. 


  1. LOL, Jesse and I aren't too picky-- we thought they were tasty! Thanks for sharing your brownies!

  2. I should update this and say I put them in the fridge and they tasted much better the next day. They dried out and solidified a little more so the texture wasn't as weird. More fudge-like than brownie but I can live with that.

  3. Where did you find the casserole dished with the French handles?

  4. Hi ! I happen to be French so I wanted to let you know that Pyrex is still widely used here for oven cooking and in school cafeterias, pyrex glasses with numbers on the bottom are THE school glasses -- kids usually use this number to designate who will go get a pitcher of water for their table, either the kid who has the highest number or lowest, according to what rule they set). Pyrex is based in Chateauroux (central france) and employs 500 ppl. I think these dishes could be contemporary and not vintage. Just a guess... Also they look like they could be the lid to a bigger pot (see the handles on this one: )

  5. "he didn't eat any more after finding out what was "wrong" with them." That line cracked me up! I am always making stuff like this and having to keep my husband out of the kitchen so he won't see what is going into the food!