Saturday, June 15, 2013

What is that "old person" smell?

Whew, I managed to escape the house for a bit this last weekend with my parents though our time was cut short by rain and thunder. The estate sale we ended up going to had the strongest "old person" smell happening that I have ever experienced. I had to air out the stuff I bought there and I can still catch whiffs of it nearly a week later. What is that smell anyways? My grandparent's house didn't smell like that and they were in their 90's/100's so it's not something which automatically happens at a certain age. The estate sale house was clean so it doesn't seem to be a dirty smell per say.

Anyways, I did go a little crazy and ended up spending $7 during this shopping spree. I think sometimes my husband wishes my shopping sprees were simply clothing from the mall

because then he wouldn't come home in June to find this hanging on the door!

He knows I have problem with kitschy Christmas deer so nothing shocks him anymore. (did it ever? I'm not really sure.)

I'm not a big fan of candles since they are a little touchy. I felt sorry for these guys lying on the basement floor (along with the kitschy deer) and I guess they have survived this long.  They are tagged Gurly Candle Co. on the bottom along with the original price. I know I've seen some floating around at my grandma's, mom's and I think I have a few somewhere so I believe they are pretty sturdy and should stay safe in my buffet drawer. I haven't seen the church before with the tiny choir boy.

I did get a few things I don't feel obligated to put away for most of the year. This gal is now the perkiest World's Fair souvenir I own. So many are kitschy yet drab - see examples behind her.

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