Thursday, June 27, 2013

I don't think I even need to justify this one

I've been known to bring home items found on the curb/in the alley. This, my non-scavenging husband who grew up shopping at K-Mart, really doesn't understand so I usually don't say anything or I pretend to feel guilty about bringing a "new" unnecessary discarded item into our home if/when he does notice it. This time I didn't apologize as I proudly held up my new treasure and he asked "Why? What do you need that for!?" Sometimes I wish I had married someone who shares my enthusiasm in my finds but this might require me to share my décor space with potential items he likes and I don't so I'm OK with his criticism which quickly dissolves to indifference.
Our rear neighbors have been cleaning house, trying to get finish up some last minute remodels and clearing out the garage before they put their house on the market. I've been perusing their trash but I get the feeling they are more the granite and greige type. I did find an almost new grill, which I later spotted at Lowe's for $100 and a cute 70's bike has also made it into my garage. Otherwise the items in the trash have been cheapy 70's cabinets, ugly bathroom sinks and lots of scrap wood so when I spotted this shimmering in the sunlight as I walked into my kitchen I was shocked. Is it? No, it couldn't be but I quickly checked to make sure the baby was secure, threw on my flip flops, ventured across the alley and sure enough:

A sparkling starburst clock was begging me to rescue it from the trash pile.

I really need to figure out a way to show scale on these photos (apart from actually having a real spot to hang it so I can take a far away shot with other items for perspective, haha) but it is only slightly smaller than my other starburst clock seen here.

I would like to included a disclaimer for anyone who may be disgusted - the neighbors have been lining useable items behind their garage in hopes of people taking stuff and I have spotted other neighbors browsing the lumber out there so I am not alone and I'm not digging through their black trash bags! (though maybe I should be...)

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