Friday, October 25, 2013

Ghosts? Or just some Dust

I am going to paint the hallway "quickly" as I realize the current layer of paint is probably lead since their 80's/90's remodel of this area was tiny flowered wallpaper and I'm also tired of looking at the sloppy paint job. I was getting my before shots and this photo was in the mix.

I'm not a huge orb fan but these, especially the one waayy down the hall, by the sock, struck me as odd. That looks to me as if it is by the sock and would have to be a substantial piece of dust to be reflecting that much light that far away. There is also one on the ceiling and one on the right wall, kind of in the middle.
Here is the same view taken a few seconds later.

Apart from the first night I was over here by myself, I have never had any funny business happen. That first night, Mark got off of work late and I was going to pick him up so I was over here doing a little cleaning. I went to use my recently charged phone and I lost all signal (Ok, no shock there) but then the little battery symbol started dropping bars one by one until the phone turned off. It was fine again after I charged it and I never saw it do anything crazy like that again. That being said, this house doesn't creep me out in any way and I've never seen anything - that I've noticed! I admit, I do believe in ghosts. Though it's hard to say you don't when you've looked up to see the previous owner's son standing in your bedroom doorway staring at you when you were 8 years old. Oh yeah, he was dead and I had no clue who it was at the time. My parent's house = definitely haunted. They have an extra cat and at least two people. My house? Meh, not so much. I grew up in fear of having to go to the bathroom at 3 AM, in fact, I usually braved a further away bathroom just to avoid a certain hallway! So I am still ecstatic to wake up and not worry about bumping into anyone if I need to use the bathroom.

I should dig out my pre-digital Gettysburg photo and the photo my mom took of me with their house behind it and what looks to be a silhouette of a woman. Ohh! That would be good for Halloween - though I can't promise anything because I only have a vague clue where those photos are. More ghost stories would be good too! I've got a week.

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