Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Halloween! Wednesday

My great grandparent's farm is a known haunt to all of our family. It was built over the foundation of a previous farmhouse which burnt down and no one seems to know the story of the previous house. Well, that is always a good start if you want your house to be creepy. Build it over a mysterious foundation. Anyways, my mom always spent the summers there, always talks about how creepy it was and how much she loved it there. This is one story which always freaks me out when she tells it. One weekend my uncle was up for a visit. She was in the bathroom when the door knob started to wiggle and turn. "Just a minute, I'm almost done" She said. It preceded to wiggle more obnoxiously while the door was being pushed. Now positive it was my uncle being a typical brother she said again "Just a minute!!" horrified he might actually get the door open on her. The wiggling became more vicious, finally the door was kicked and then all was quiet. "OH FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!" said my mom as she ripped open the door expecting to see my uncle smirking on the other side. Nothing. She looked around and looked outside to discover both him and grandpa were way out across the yard, in front of the barn tinkering with a tractor. No way was it possible for either of them to get back to that spot in that short amount of time. Needless to say, she took an interest in helping them the rest of the afternoon. How she spent entire summers up there I will never know. My aunt said she would make it a week before she requested being brought back home.

The worst part is, my uncle leveled the old farm house and built a new house on that same spot! Yes, their brand new house is creepy too!

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