Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Halloween! Tuesday's Story

I had to make an emergency batch of cookies last night so I guess I owe two stories tonight!

I am not a Oiji board fan. They kind of freak me out. When I was in college, one of my roommates had one. She said they also freaked her out and she never used it in our room - just in her friend's room down the hall. *sigh* whatever! She rarely spent the night in our room and one night her radio came on in the middle of the night. It was one of those huge boom boxes with the controls on a panel which spins when it turns on. "Ugh! She must have an alarm set or something on it?" So I get up, unplug it and it shuts off. I'm drifting off to sleep again and I hear that control panel spinning open and the radio turns on again. "What The!!" "ARGH, does she really have batteries in that thing too!" I get up and rip the back off only to discover, you guessed it, no batteries! I am freaked out by this point so I think I turned on all of the lights and played some Sims for a while to ease my nerves. The next night, yep, it turned on again. I didn't move. I listened to it being fuzzy and changing channels until it finally turned off. I stayed under my blankets until I finally fell asleep. I also had a floor lamp which would turn on and off in that room all of the time but I had just bought it and couldn't confirm if it was just because it was a $3 clearance lamp from Target or something spooky. She moved out at semester and took the Oiji board, her giant radio and my Paperboy Nintendo game. Second semester nothing crazy happened to me in that room and my lamp also was no longer possessed.

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