Thursday, January 23, 2014

It Took 18 months...

It took 18 months but I finally finished the curtains in little one's room!
My downfall was I had gotten tired of looking at the blank, white shades and hung them, without finishing them.

Whew, all shortened and functioning. It's nice not to think about having to fix them every time I walk in the room!


  1. They look great! I love the bright green and the dark wood around your windows! Where did you get that print/pattern of Fabric?!

  2. Thanks Mick! I posted kind of quick so I guess I didn't get the back story in. I used to have them in our master bedroom but figured I should get more sophisticated? in there being a parent and all. They are shower curtains from Target a few years ago though I know they still had them as of last year, here. They still have a lot of the little owls and squirrel things.

    1. That is to cool! Haha the "curtians" in our bedroom/den were also made from shower curtians from Walmart! Haha