Saturday, February 8, 2014

Virtual Clutter and a Toy Kitchen

I have been trying to organize my photos and computer files. Virtual Clutter is the worst! You can forget about it because you don't see it yet it is there lurking, getting messier and requiring more and more of your time to organize!
Switching subjects, this is going to show that my obsession with oddly colored, vintage kitchens goes back to my childhood. I don't know where it came from as everyone in my family had white 80's appliances with wood colored cabinets. This was the sink I picked out to use in my Barbie house.

It is for Penny Brite who is a bit shorter than Barbie but I guess it must have blended enough for my 10 year old self. Unfortunately I don't have the rest of the set so Barbie's fridge and stove were the 80's model, which is pink, so I guess it works. I do remember being bothered by the odd upper cabinet. I never knew what was supposed to be there and without the internet, there was no easy way of knowing! When I came across this in my Barbie stash, recently unearthed from my parents basement, I was excited to find what was missing. It turns out it is a set of doors which were supposed to look like patterned glass. hmm. I can recreate that!

I had this contact paper which was here when we moved in? I don't know where it came from.

and a plastic box from a Christmas Present.

A little measuring, cutting and this is the final result.

It's not quite to scale as nicely as the original but I can't beat free plus 10 minutes of my time.


  1. How neat to finally have it as it should have been!

  2. That is so cool! And why do I keep thinking that divider with the circles in it could be a wine rack?