Sunday, February 9, 2014

"New" Living Room Set

Last summer the neighbors finally sold their house (after letting it sit empty for 3+ years) and they finished cleaning out what they had been storing there. I was a frequent customer to their trash pile rescuing this among other items. I thought they were done cleaning out but then I spotted this (plus the matching chair (still in my garage)) waiting for the trash man.

My husband has made it clear he will not partake in dumpster retrieval so it is all me. Upon first glance, I figured it was a lightweight aluminum set and it would look cute on my porch...or somewhere. I went to grab the chair and realized what I was up against. It was heavy chrome and the cushions had springs in them. Luckily the cushions were removable so I hauled those separately which made the chair movable but the couch was still tricky. I'm sure adrenaline had something to do with my ability to get it securely into my yard. I decided to give the couch from my grandparents a rest since the leg broke again and the upholstery and foam cushions were shot! This set was freshly upholstered with zippers on the cushions so I washed them up and they look like new.
 I searched "chrome couch" on the interwebs just so I could see how other people decorated with them (not like I would have time for anything other than pinning those decorating idea photos) and found several very, very similar ones designed by Kem Weber for Lloyd Manufacturing Co. in the 1930's. The armchair is exactly like these seen here (except for the new upholstery) but the couches are all a tad different so I can't say for 100% sure.
Weber, a German immigrant, designed some truly drool worthy Art Deco furniture and these would have to be one of the more generic sets. The article here gives a good synopsis of his life along with some photos of his fancier furniture. Why didn't the neighbors have any of those pieces to throw away?? 

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  1. AND THEY WERE JUST THROWING IT AWAY?! Oh my gosh what an excellent score! The "formal" living room furniture at the Casablanca came from the Methodist church I go to. They bough a couch and 2 chairs back in the late 50's for a classroom, they had been gently used over the years and were just going to be thrown away! Hurrah for fabulous dumpster living room furniture! Maybe your blue chair will go nicely with these new chrome pieces!