Monday, May 17, 2010

Nifty "New" Shelf

I've been chugging away on the bathroom between work and cleaning up after boys plus I had a cavity filled a few days ago and now 3 teeth down have started throbbing so I'm guessing it is something nerve related. Hopefully it goes away because I cringe at the thought of having to go back and having something more done! I am telling myself it is getting better so I hope I am right.
To distract myself I thought I would do a quick post about the "swinging" shelf I found this weekend.

I have to dig out some of my equally nifty critters to fit on the shelves as those candlesticks aren't doing it for me. It is hanging in the bedroom right now (oddly it matches the curtain colors) but maybe someday it will reside over a buffet in the dining room...with the nifty critters. The mirror on the back reflecting the light fixture and curtains/window make it awkward to photograph.

I did go back to the salvage store and get another towel rack. None had sold! What is wrong with people!? Who wouldn't want a telescoping towel rack in their bathroom!? Especially for $3! Gesh

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